Right To Be Forgotten Amid Cacophony

Archive and record preservationists work diligently at making sure history is accurately undisturbed, but Google received yet another lesson from the French recently about how disturbing unfettered access to the past can be.

Once again the French court is insisting on enforcement of the “right to be forgotten” tenet in European privacy law and that it be applied globally, and issued fines for noncompliance. NYTimes Story

How ironic when so many people are clamoring for the attention of followers and likes that there are those who want to be forgotten, or at least some aspect of their former selves.

Ah, if we could all erase those embarrassing 2nd grade photographs and 8-year-old recital moments from everyone’s family memories. How about the teenage arrests for loud parties or drunken behavior, or how about horrific treatment of former spouses or elderly neighbors.  Why maintain accountability at all?  We’ve all been above average since birth. No growth or change required!


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