All the Networks and No Connections

Social_Network_Analysis_Visualization_by_By-Calvinius-e1407904855372-620x264It would seem the best place for terrorists to plan and work is in plain sight.  Those who intend to do harm need only shield themselves long enough to do the deed, apparently, from world experience.  Evidently it doesn’t take much to keep law enforcers at bay, either.

Reports out of Belgium, France, Turkey, and the U.S. all indicate that though we have information we just aren’t very good yet at connecting the dots.

Maybe it should be fewer dots and more like threads.

Hasn’t this long been the story, though?  Haven’t the doer-of-bad-deeds usually had the advantage of surprise throughout history?

We just know about the many bad actors and their crimes against so many individuals now, around the world, instantly and with vivid color and detailed reports.  Knowing this, however, doesn’t make it any less depressing, frustrating or sad.



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