Budget Hearings are the Best Part

swoosh-blue-mdIndiana can’t seriously be debating the value of public notice around budget hearings…can it? See the lead story in the Hoosier State Press Associate Publisher March 12, 2015.

It may be that legislators don’t want public hearings, and it may be that some special interests wish for closed doors hearing about spending public money, but can anyone really believe that budget hearings aren’t important, and that the public doesn’t has a right to know what government is doing on behalf of the public as business is being conducted?

If the hearings weren’t important then public notice around them wouldn’t get any attention at all, and that clearly isn’t the case.

So let’s just cut the debate about public notice of budget hearings, and get on with the public notice of hearings on spending money. The public has already spoken on the topic of public notice. So, just do it! Swoosh!


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