That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

imagesMy community newspaper today responded to a reader’s question about how to know when there is a “boil water” order for residents.  The short answer was to check the water company’s website every day.


“The website for the East Monroe Water Corp. states that all members are notified via the Web page and local media about a boil order,” the Herald-Times of southern Indiana reported.

The question arose because the most recent weather had caused a water supply line break and temporary shut-off on Saturday, but the notice to boil water wasn’t in the newspaper until Tuesday.

Just so you know, the HT is a 7-day-a-week newspaper. So why did the water company think that public notice had been served by posting a notice on its website and leaving the rest to curious customers?

It is just this sort of casual public notice that make social activists wary of every attempt to move public notice responsibilities out of the newspaper and, instead, simply post the notice to the “company” website.

Opting in to an email list serve is something of solution and exactly what so many of us need — another email alert among the spam folder’s cache.


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