Taiwan and Public Notice Laws

Lotus_Lake_Kaoshiung_TaiwanXinxin Amy Yang once again worked her research magic and collected an instructive cache of documents and examples of public notice in Taiwan.

Here is a snapshot of her report.

The call for a disclosure of government information gradually emerged around 1987, namely after the lifting of martial law, yet not until the democratization of Taiwan in the 1990s were international theories concerning freedom of information accepted by legal scholars and Council of Grand Justices.

The Freedom of Government Information Law (Taiwan) (政府资讯公开法) was approved in 2005. The active date is December 28, 2005. It states that government has the responsibility to provide public information and also has the responsibility to response to citizen’s requirement to disclose certain information.

Many scholarly articles discuss democracy and freedom of information, especially government freedom information, like the origin of the freedom information, the right to know, and the comparative studies between Taiwan and the U.S./Western countries.

Taiwan government websites have volumes of information, which are similar with Hong Kong government websites, though no exact word “public notice” is shown on the websites. Under the “news and release” category, there are many files under “government release”, which is one kind of public notice.

Public Notice/Information category is very significantly shown, both in English and traditional Chinese, on Taipei City Government websites and different government departments websites.

Here is the full report.


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