Hong Kong and Public Notice

Xinxin Amy Yang continued her research for the blog this week by looking at Hong Kong websites.  She found an interesting trend about multi-language Hong Kong.

Hong Kong government websites have the exactly same contents on both its English and Chinese language web pages. The websites offer the same public notices on the English and Chinese web pages.

This is different from Mainland Chinese government website. Mainland Chinese government websites provide different information on its English and Chinese language web pages.

Comparatively, they provide more public notices on their domestic regulations on Chinese web page, but they give more public notices regarding the international affairs, government structure and useful links for foreigners on their English web pages. This might be because the English speaking population in Hong Kong is large.

According to Hong Kong government data, 45.8% Hong Kong female and 46.4% Hong Kong male can speak English[1].

This also might be because the Mainland China government wants to show different agendas on its websites for special purposes.

Here is the rest of her report: Hong Kong Public Notice Examples and the full original report

[1] Please find the data from Hong Kong government website. Proportion of population aged 5 and over able to speak selected languages/dialects by sex. Access on Feb 25, 2014, the data website last updated on Aug. 22, 2013  http://www.censtatd.gov.hk/hkstat/sub/gender/demographic/index_tc.jsp


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