Beginnings and conclusions in the world of international public notice

old-world-mapInternational public notice is a complicated concept if one starts from the original use of public notice — a means of keeping constituents informed about government activity.  But if the idea of public notice is more about “Yo, out there: heads up” then international warnings or announcements make a lot more sense.

That may be a great idea — “Pay attention, World! I’m talking to you!”  But what is the value of international public notice?

Does it have any enforcement other than social desires?  “We won’t like you if you don’t heed our warning, or respect our wishes”?

Somehow that just doesn’t cut it.  If it is enforceable, in the same sort of way that domestic public notices might be, then who does the enforcing?

And do we need an international clearing house for public notices?  “Mine are okay, but not yours!”


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