What happened while I was away?

square-question-thDuring an interval of research at the University of Michigan’s Clements Library I realized that something fundamental changed in the way creators of representative democracies treated public notice.

In old England, public records, and the notice of them, were more like a special dinner plate that is put in a safe place until requested.

When the founding framers were working up their plans for a new nation and the democracy they envisioned, they wanted the good dishes out every meal.  Public notice was used as a way to get the rank and file to notice what government was doing every day.

What happened to change the mindset of those drafting a government?  The Seven Years War seems like a good bet, but some of the colonies were already requiring publication in the newspapers of government activity even before the long war not of their making.

So, what was it then? Right now, I’m stumped.


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