It is in the Box, Thank Heavens!

As newspapers face the continuing burden of archiving print editions of their products, resource management is always looking for low cost solutions.

When a query was posted to the newslib listserv about what might be the best way to go right now, the following response was posted by Linda Deitch, Archive and Collections Manager, The Columbus Dispatch Library, Columbus, Ohio, USA

“[We] purchase archival-quality storage boxes for each month of the paper, store the daily papers flat in the boxes, and ship them on a regular basis to offsite secure storage.

“Some reasons for doing so:

  • Although we still have a cost involved (purchasing the archival storage boxes), and then paying to store them offsite, it is far less than what binding used to cost.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive backup of your newspaper.
  • If you have been binding papers for decades, it continues that collection.
  • If you discover a missing page or entire section in your microfilm, even years later you can go back to the original and have it filmed.
  • PDF archives are often incomplete.
  • We don’t know what technology may be invented to digitize newspapers in the future.  Maybe the hard copy would be the best, cheapest or most pristine way to get a digital project done.”

Snaps for Ms Deitch! And many thanks into the future…


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