Public Records U

BU009494The clerk of Monroe County, Indiana, discovered a sure-fired way to get residents familiar with accessing public record this month.  Unhappy about a backlog of 30-year-old upaid traffic tickets piling up, Linda Robbins, decided to put everything in the hands of collection agents, according to reports in the Herald-Times of Bloomington.

When the 22,000 recipients get their dun notices they will be directed to look up the traffic court records themselves and discover whether the infraction was resolved eons ago.  If it was, then they need only inform the clerk’s office that they really don’t owe a fine. Job done and problem solved.

The problem, apparently, was that the notification of a case closed simply didn’t get from the court to the clerk.

Lesson learned! When work that should have been done by those paid to do the job isn’t done, just group-source it to those who thought they had already paid someone else to do the work in the first place.

It might be a bit kinder, and perhaps even the job of clerk’s office, to check out these records before engaging the collection agencies.  But why do that when a civics lesson is at hand for all those who were ticketed sometime since the 1980s?

Just for clarity, from the clerk’s very own website, and right under her picture: “The Clerk’s Office assists the Circuit Court Judges in the execution of their judicial duties by preparing, recording, and maintaining court documents. The Clerk’s Office also manages the Court’s docket and traffic court,” viewed March 6, 2013,


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