An Indiana Riddle

imagesWhat do Abraham Lincoln, Mike Pence and the Hoosier State Press Association have in common? Apparently they all believe that truth through facts assures the foundation of a working representative democracy. Oh, and they all have ties to Indiana.

Recently sworn in, Indiana Governor Mike Pence was reported by the Indianapolis Star to have quoted Abraham Lincoln who was U.S. president during the civil war and a Hoosier as a young man.

The quote favored government transparency and went, “Give the people the facts, and the republic will be saved.” Pence added, “People have a right to know.”

This comment was made in the context of two new cabinet appointments that will affect access to information in the state.  The Hoosier State Press Association said it was hopeful for things to improve, but not optimistic.

The January 17 issue of the association’s newsletter reported that public notices are under attack in the coming General Assembly and the particulars include the following.

  • Move state procurement (purchase) notices from newspapers to government websites;
  • Senate Bill 458 allows government units to post on the Web instead of newspapers;
  • House Bill 1143 allows towns to forgo the publication in newspapers of new ordinances.

Sweeping proposals and a real boost for search engines that may be busy trying to track down the variety of locations that are the posting sites.

A hollow “yeah” for your favorite one!


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