Big efforts for a small country


Recently some scholars and non-government organization (NGO) staffers undertook a review of aid agencies’ that are providing funding support in Nepal.  The result is a detailed report on just what kind of information is available about how aid money was distributed there.

At first blush it would seem this something like the pot and the kettle, but if the “open” governments who are sources of emergency funding throughout the world are not transparent then what kind of example does that provide for the developing nations?

Nepal has certainly had its challenges in establishing a representative democracy.  This report demonstrates that at least a few members of the intelligent community get the idea if not the benefit of public works.

In addition to the broad study, an additional research project focused on the media coverage of aid transparency in Nepal.  Though the research reported somewhat narrowly on 13 daily newspapers published in Kathmandu, the results are interesting. It is worth the extra three clicks to download the study on this website under the research tab above.

Content analysis as a research method used by the study team in this project has its own challenges, but this kind of work provides a foothold of data for further study and a point of view for interesting developments as Nepal continues to work toward stable successful self-governance.  Go team!


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