Go Big Red!

The student walkout at University of Georgia’s The Red & Black newspaper created quite a stir by publishing online, unsanctioned “Red and Dead.” The young journalists took to the web to publish, independently, their take on this news.

Some student publications elsewhere have chimed their support, including the IDS at my home university. Here the story ends with a familiar 200-year-old quote.

“As journalists, we like to end on a quote. Here’s one from a 1787 letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison.
‘Educate and inform the whole mass of the people,” Jefferson said. “They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of liberty.'”

I say, yes, yes but remember that just saying/writing/videoing it doesn’t educate the “whole mass.” Education is a process of assimilating facts into knowledge.  We need not just the first draft of history but reminders and records to keep it all in front of us as we move to the next day’s first draft of history.

The short version, however, as we like to say in Hoosier land and surely could add other red schools in the slogan, “Go Big Red (not dead!).”


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