And the winner is?

Winner's cup

Among the surprises when this year’s Pulitzer prizes were announced was that the Huffington Post won…anything.  The infusion of cash when it was purchased recently allowed the online news site to hire among the best reporters, and that paid off in David Wood’s award for national news coverage.  As a news compiler, the Huffington Post site boasts a stellar “A” list of editors, but nowhere on the homepage is there a link to archives.

What happens to all that outstanding work presented by the Huffington Post?  Here today, gone tomorrow?

Is the first draft of history now the lost draft as well?

When we want to return to the home of David Wood’s work to look around for the context of the days’ events, where oh where will we find it?

Probably, in the archives of dozens of other news organizations that seem to believe more pragmatically that we are doomed to repeat our stupid history if we can’t find the first draft of it.


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