Joke’s on you!

BDN Public Notice 3:18:2012   The Bangor Daily Newspublished a Public Meeting Notice submitted by the Maine Department of Transportation in March that invited comments on the replacement of Mill Bridge on Islesboro Island.  The notice says the department doesn’t really care about the bridge.

“We are just curious about these island folk.  Anyone who happens by is invited to disrupt the meeting.”

The notice warns that “candid photos will be sneakily taken of awkward persons for our entertainment. Life jackets and coffee brandy will be provided upon advance request.”

The next day the BDN published a mea cupla, reporting that the “spoof draft” was “never supposed to be seen by the general public” and that DOT Commissioner David Bernhardt sent a letter of apology to the residents of Islesboro.

Someone had a good time on the public’s dime.  When asked if the DOT had fired the employee who drafted the “spoof” and sent it to the BDN ready for publication, spokesman Ted Talbot said he could not discuss personnel matters.


I thought hiring and firing of state employees was part of the public record we most seriously kept open.


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