What if government were more like an IPod?

Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams, posited in a November Wall Street Journal article that government should adopt more digital entry points for citizen participation.  He suggested that the ease of using an IPod was something for government to consider as a model of collecting the public conversation into a more accessible medium.

What it all made me wonder about, though, was could the IPod model actually capture our attention and point us to the important conversations that might be available?  It might make the conversations easy to acquire, but would we get the conversation?  Or would the important stuff get buried, so 15-seconds ago, like my email, search results and music selections that bob and weave with the interrupts of living at digital speed?

Can social networks really solve the problems of shallow thought and short attention?

Really,does any conversation in a chat room arrest our attention like a public notice advertisement with our name and address in it?

What were we saying?


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