Preaching to the choir

Quick Look

On the Legal Notices page of the January 30 Wall Street Journal, an advertisement for legal notices takes up a quarter of the page:

Get Noticed.
Legal Notices. Advertise today.

The ad for notices is nestled among notices, including one of  a class action lawsuit against Lehman Brothers. It seems funny to advertise the perks of legal notices in the legal notice section. After all, people looking at that page already know the worth of the public notice. Had the ad been published in tHe Personal Journal section, maybe new eyes would go looking for this public notice thingy.

The placement of the ad is not a big deal, but it is curious. Chances are, the Wall Street Journal had an awkward number of notices that day: not enough for two pages and too few for one. Something had to take up the space –
even if it was an ad preaching to the choir.

The Janurary 31 ad for legal notices on the legal notice page of the Wall Street Journal


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