Expelled, Suspended and Unexcused

Many states require certain public school reports be posted through public notices.  Happily for some of us the notices do not include our individual grade reports.

Indiana notices, for example, include the number of students in each school, each year, who missed more than 10 days of unexcused absences, the number of students suspended, and the number of students expelled for reasons of drugs, weapons or alcohol.  In high school you might expect the occasional teenager acting out. Nothing surprising there.

Bloomington, Indiana, home to Indiana University, is no different.  There the recently published ISTEP  and Standard scores showed improvement since 2008, along with attendance reports in the mid to upper 9 percent.

It was eye-opening, however, to see that along with the slight downturn in enrollment totals, attendance and drop out rates are also a struggle.   Saddest of all are the statistics of grade-schoolers among those expelled or suspended for drugs, weapons or alcohol.

The full-page spreadsheet reports next to the storewide clearance and automobile ads in the classified pages of the Indiana Herald Times this week sure caught my eye.  I bet there will be more than a few parents there asking hard questions of the school administrators soon.    No child left behind?


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