Fine print


Public notices notify the public.

Makes sense.

But what are they notifying them about? It could be anything… from meeting times, to name changes, new laws, or the appointment of a new executive to an estate.  Among  my favorites, though, are things the government has confiscated. Wading through the six-point type that seems to be the standard font for legal notice ads can reward the savvy reader  with some unexpected treasures, and often leaves me wondering…whatever happened to that refrigerator the Department of Drug Enforcement took?

A sampling of what the government confiscated, according to the November 14 issue of the Wall Street Journal:


Silver Rolex with pearl face valued at $11,575.00

1 charcoal canister filter


1999 Semi Tractor

2001 Utility Refrigerator


Ladies stainless steel Gucci bracelet

$1.00 U.S. Currency


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