Deal or no deal

Public Notice Commentary

Good deals are so attractive.

In a large ad, Marden’s Surplus and Salvage near Bangor, Maine, touts it’s daily specials— twenty-four towels for $2.49,  micro fleece blankets for $1.99. The Marden’s ad is a treasure trove for “Mainiacs” who comb newspaper pages to find  the bargains of the day.

Next to the Marden’s ad on this particular day, with miniscule type in a swath of white space, the Department of Transportion posted a public announcement with no fun pictures to attract the eye but a message that could change a lot of views.

“Public Meeting in Lagrange to seek Input Regarding the Future Improvements to the B&A Overhead Bridge.”

Interrupted traffic flow? New routes to work or school?  Raise in taxes? All questions that could be addressed at the meeting, and all about things that could change daily life a bit more than discounted kitchen supplies

New aprons for the kitchen, or new aprons along the roadside?


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