Behind The Notice

On May 30, 2011 the Daily Nation, one of Kenya’s larger newspapers, published the following public notice:


My immediate reaction: What on earth did  Asif and Ocheing  do in order to have Kingsway Tyre’s not only fire them, put post a notice to publically “disown” them?

My imagination generated a quick list of assorted misdeeds and action-packed hijinks that recalled scenes from Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven. I realized I needed to do some sleuthing before my imagination ran away with me. A few Google searches later, I found my answers.

Turns out that according to some news reports Asif, a Kingsway Tyres Limited manager, and Ochieng, a sales representative, were accused of stealing Sh10 million worth of tires, about $114,942.53. Together, they were charged with the intention to defraud, making false entries in the company’s stock card and altering the company’s computer stock list.

It is interesting to point out the role this particular public notice plays. The statement acts as a caveat emptor, legally protecting Kingsway Tyres from any consequences that may have been caused by their former employees’ actions.

So it might not be Ocean’s Eleven, but there’s enough drama, strategizing and intrigue behind this public notice to make it stand out.

-Kamilla Benko


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